Coach Julian

Coach Julian has 5 years of coaching experience, having coached all levels and ages ranging from 2 year old players all the way to pro players. He has coached at multiple clubs throughout the years in the US and Canada.


Coach Julian also has over 13 years of playing experience, having played up to the semi pro and collegiate level in countries like Canada and the US as well as spending time with pro academy teams in Colombia. 


Coach Julian also holds a Bachelors Degree in Sports management.  

Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel has 6 years of coaching experience. Having also coached all ages and levels, from players 5 years old all the way to pro players. He has also coached at various clubs and academy teams in the US, Canada, Colombia and the Carribean.


Coach Daniel has over 16 years of playing experience and is still currently in his professional playing career. Having played at the professional level in countries like the US, Canada, Costa Rica, the Carribean, Spain and Colombia, his playing experience makes him more than qualified to know what is needed to play at the next level and provide guidance to the next generation.