A Look Into Our Sessions

Get an inside look at some of our sessions with players ranging from every level. 

We take pride in our sessions and deliver them with top professionalism. Our sessions are based around the player's specific needs. Our first session with a player is usually taken as an assessment. We use that first session to evaluate the players skillset and fundamentals. We do this to establish a base of where the player is currently at and work off of that and create a plan for that player going forward, based on what we feel they can improve on, as well as any specific requests made by the player/parent/team coach.


Our sessions with high level players consist of a series of drills that will keep them sharp and in shape for their season. Depending where they are at in their season, we are able to plan the session accordingly. The majority of pro/college level athletes we train, come to us during their off season, this allows us to enhance the work as they will have more time to recover. It also allows us to work on any specific's that the athlete or their team coach feels they need to work on during the off season. We do also train these athletes during their season as well, in which case the work load would be tailored to what they can tolerate, and would mainly be technical work, focused on keeping the athlete sharp during their season all while not over doing the work load in order for them to be able to perform with their team. 


Photo/video of session might happen from time to time for web content, social media, publicity and marketing purposes. These videos/pictures can also be made available to parent/player upon request.