Group Sessions


Ages 8 - Pro players

Group sessions are made up of any where from 2-6 players. You can bring your own group, or we can place you in  and already existing one. We will make sure that your group is of your playing level or slightly higher. Still tailoring the session to work on your specific needs, but with other players that have the same or similar areas to improve in. Benefits of group sessions include: provide a sense of competition, more game like session, the need to subconsciously raise your level because of the players around you training at a high level. 

Individual Sessions


Ages 8 - Pro players

Individual or private sessions are tailored specifically to your needs. These sessions allow us to focus just on you for the full session. Paying attention to the little details, being able to fix and tweak minor things that can make a major impact to your game. These sessions tend to run a little shorter due to less rest time for the player as we do not want to over work them (unless requested). 

Team Sessions


Ages 8 - Pro Players

Team sessions are sessions we run for a full team. We come in to the session with a plan of working with each player on their technical attributes as well as working on team oriented drills. These sessions aim to expose the weaknesses of your players, to make you aware of them and turn them into strengths. We also work off the team coach's request, if they have something that they feel they need their team to work on specifically, we can work on that as well. We also are able to provide strength and conditioning work for the team, to maintain or improve match fitness levels.